carfree - Car-Free Challenge application

carfree is a web application used to track transportation usage.  It is used by the Madison Environmental Group's annual Car-Free Challenge.  See the SourceForge project page.

carfree is used by participants to track their transportation usage, with an eye to reducing their use of cars.  The interface for ordinary users looks like this:

carfree is used by administrators to manage users.  An administrator (who hasn't entered any trips of his/her own yet) will see a page like this:

Administrators can edit information for individual users, and can create and modify "challenges".  A "challenge" is a particular event with its own users.  In practice, there is one open challenge per year, plus a few organization-specific challenges throughout the year.

Mark Riordan  Written 06 August 2006  last updated 06 August 2006 09:13 AM